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Increases harmony and love both in you and in your relationships with others. She heals feelings, cares for and supports you!

Unakite amplifies kindness, compassion and love in you, encourages patience and persistence and helps to get rid of addictions and thought patterns that do not support you. In addition, it has a very calming and grounding effect, being effective in cases of stress and exhaustion.

Unakite strengthens your connection to the earth's energy, thereby giving you vitality! As a vision crystal, it helps you to imagine your dream life!

When you receive your Fairy, please gently wash the Fairy Crystal with a wet finger. Do this carefully so that the Fairy's wool does not come into contact with the water too much. In this way, in the hands of the Little Fairy, the Crystal can begin to support the one whose wet hand it comes in contact with and who washes away the previous energies.

Also, it would be great if you let the Fairy bask in the sun or the full moon from time to time so that the Crystal can recharge itself and support its Human with its own magical power. Before placing it in front of the full moon or sun, the crystal should be rewashed with a wet finger.

This is not a toy.


Vaatad ΓΌles,
Vaatad alla,
Sina oled nende vahel
ΓΌksi lΓ΅pmata.

Oh ei!
Silma pilgutavad Sulle
Inglid ΓΌlevalt.
Aga haldjad,

Iga lehe alt!

– Mary L.

The Fairys are designed and made in collaboration with the Estonian brand Sirelimireli.

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