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The market leading smarter babynest is now more flexible than ever
Looking for a safe and smart place for your child to sleep and play in? The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier Vol. 3 is a smarter babynest, made to be carried with you everywhere you go. Except now more flexible than ever. It fits in your pram and with the handles, you can bring your sleeping baby in a safe and convenient way. Providing your baby with a familiar environment no matter where you are.

Stay on the move
Don’t want to schedule your day according to your baby’s naps? The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier Vol. 3 allows you to live life on your own schedule. Put your baby down for their nap in the nest and then safely move them to the pram. And you're ready for wherever the day takes you! Whenever you use the SleepCarrier as a babynest, lift, carrycot or carrier the draw strings must be tightened.

Sleep safe and sound with the safety-tested babynest
The Najell SleepCarrier is one of the few safety-tested baby nests on the market. It has been tested and approved according to the following standards:
  • The European Standard for carry cots: EN-1466:2015
  • The European standard for mattresses for cots & cribs: EN-16890:2017
  • All fabrics are certified according to ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100, class 1 which is the best for your child.
What’s new
The Najell SleepCarrier Vol. 3 is more flexible than ever. It features a new board that gives the SleepCarrier stability while making it 265g lighter than the SleepCarrier Vol. 2. The breathable air mesh sides have been extended to surround all sides of the SleepCarrier. Including the head and feet. Air mesh is a unique material that babies can breathe through. This ensures the SleepCarrier is safe even if your baby’s face ends up against any side of the product. All SleepCarrier Vol. 3’s will come with the Najell handle
strap holders. Making it even easier to attach and carry both handles together.

As safe as ever
The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier Vol. 3 has adjustable drawstrings that are designed to not loosen and get caught in your baby’s mouth. And they are short enough so that your baby cannot get caught in them. The mattress is comfortable for your baby to sleep on. But, for safety reasons, it's a firmer model. A firmer mattress reduces the risk of your baby burying their face or sinking too deeply into the mattress. When carrying your baby in the SleepCarrier, make sure the drawstrings are drawn to the maximum and are tucked into their safety loops, keeping them pointing away from the SleepCarrier. Also ensure you have a safe grip on both handles at all times. The babynest is made of fully breathable material, but we recommend only using the babynest under the supervision of a parent.  

Integrated harness
With the integrated harness you can easily use your SleepCarrier Vol. 3 as a baby carrier. Perfect for those close moments or when you want to rock your baby to sleep. Make sure to use the harness the correct way and follow the instructions below.  

How to wear the harness
The harness can be found inside the zipper pocket on one of the long sides of the SleepCarrier. Read the instructions below on how to use the harness.
1. Start by making sure that the drawcords on the short sides are drawn to the maximum. To use the harness, pull it out and put it across your left shoulder. The harness should be worn like a cross body bag and the SleepCarrier should sit at the front of your body (see the image below for reference).
2. Unfold the material over the shoulder for correct weight displacement.
3. Fasten the large buckle on the front and the smaller buckle on the opposite side (on your left side close to your body).
4. Once you have attached the bigger front buckle make sure to pull both elastic safety loops on top of the buckle. The first elastic safety loop should be placed over, covering the buckle. The second smaller safety loop should be placed on top of the buckle, sitting on the material above the buckle. Do not carry using the harness without both safety loops in place. See the image below for reference.
5. Place one hand under the SleepCarrier to carry in a safe way and make sure to always have perfect supervision of your baby while carrying.

User guide
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