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Baby's first toys

Baby's first toys
When a baby is born, toys are often given as gifts by relatives and friends, but also new parents rush to buy colorful and interesting toys to support the baby's development. However, faced with thousands of options for baby toys, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. Don’t worry, we’ll help you. When choosing baby's first toys, you should consider the following:

  • Make sure the toys are non-toxic, have smooth edges and are free of small parts.
  • Look for toys that provide a variety of sensory experiences, such as toys with different textures, shapes and sounds.
  • Choose age-appropriate toys that support the development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination and other skills.
  • Babies can be tough on toys, so make sure the toys are durable enough to withstand rough play.
  • Consider how easily the toys can be cleaned, especially since babies frequently put things in their mouths.


Did you know?

When babies are born, their eyesight isn’t quite developed, and they see things quite blurry. Babies have difficulty distinguishing colors, but they can easily see high-contrast black and white patterns. That’s why black and white toys are often recommended for newborns and infants. This can help stimulate their vision and encourage the development of their brain and eyesight. As a baby grows, they will begin to see more colors and they can be introduced to a wider range of toys.


Baby's first toys, Waldorf angel, cuddly toy

During the first months of life, babies are primarily focused on exploring the world through their senses, especially their sense of sight and touch. They tend to be fascinated by high-contrast objects and they enjoy feeling different textures. As they grow and develop, they will become more interested in playing with toys and interacting with the people around them. However, in the early months, the main focus of baby play is sensory exploration.

Here are some recommended toys for the first few months of a baby's life:

Soft cuddle toys

Soft cuddle toys with different textures, such as a plush fabric toy can be great for exploring through touch. They can also provide comfort and a sense of security for baby, which is especially important during nap time.

Moonie bears and bunnies are perfect for both purposes - Moonie is a professional baby sleep aid and a soft cuddle toy. 
The sounds of Moonie humming toys are non-computer generated, real recordings of natural pink noise (womb, wind, forest stream, rain, sea waves, lullaby). The soothing sounds allow the baby to calm down, feel safe and sleep more peacefully. Each Moonie the humming friend is also a night lamp and the intelligent cry sensor.

Baby's first toys, Moonie organic bear, baby sleep aid with a night lamp


Teething toys offer soothing relief for sore gums. Teethers come in a variety of textures and shapes, providing opportunities for infants to explore and engage their sense of touch and help the development of oral motor skills.

Baby teethers, Bibs bities


Rattles provide auditory stimulation and improve baby’s listening skills. Grasping and shaking a rattle can help improve a baby's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Rattles are fun and engaging toys for babies to play with, helping to keep them entertained.
Different rattles have different textures, shapes, and sounds.

Baby's rattles, first toys

Play mat or activity gym

Play mats create a safe play space for babies to lie on, roll over, explore and play on.
Lying on the mat and reaching for toys helps to build strength and coordination in baby's arms, legs and neck.
Choose the simple play mat that can be used together with an activity arch / activity toys or more complex activity gym with toys already attached.
The different textures, colors and toys attached to the mat can help stimulate a baby's visual and auditory development.

baby's play mat, baby gym


A simple, unbreakable mirror is a fun toy for infants to look at and explore although at first they are not able to understand that the reflection in the mirror is themselves. Looking at their reflection helps infants build their visual skills and develop self-awareness.
It’s beneficial to place a mirror in front of a baby while they are in a stomach-down position.

that's mine baby mirror

Activity Arch / Baby Gym

Activity arch or baby gym consists of an arch-shaped structure that usually features hanging toys, rattles, mirrors, and various textures. These toys can help with the development of a baby's visual and auditory senses, as well as their motor skills when they reach out to grasp or bat at the hanging objects. As babies grow and start to grasp and manipulate objects, an activity arch can encourage a sense of independence as they learn to interact with toys on their own.

&me baby gym, activity arch

Crib mobile / pram chain

The movement and colorful objects of a mobile can be visually stimulating for the baby and improve their focusing skills. Some crib mobiles also play music adding an auditory component to the toy. A pram chain is designed to entertain and stimulate the baby during walks or stroller rides.

Konges Slojd lambwool praim chain

Activity rings

An activity ring is typically a circular shape and has various features such as soft toys, teethers and/or mirrors attached to it.
Activity rings are designed to be easy for the baby to hold and explore. They can be shaken to make noise, they can be chewed on to soothe teething gums or they can be used to develop hand-eye coordination by looking at the toys or mirrors attached to the ring.

Konges Slojd activity ring

Books / soft books

Books are fun and engaging toys for babies to look at and explore. They can help a baby build their cognitive skills and knowledge of the world.
Also cloth books are recommended, that have different textures, providing opportunities for babies to engage and explore their sense of touch.

Baby's first books, soft books, fabric books

Soft textured ball

The soft texture of the ball provides a comfortable and safe object for the baby to touch and feel, which helps to develop baby's sense of touch and provide visual stimulation.
Additionally, a soft textured ball is often easy for a baby to grasp, which can help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The ball can later also be used for simple games, such as rolling the ball back and forth.

soft textured ball for baby

It's important to regularly check the toys and replace any that are worn or damaged to ensure the baby's safety.

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