In this blog, let's talk to the people who are working in Babyluv Flagship Store. 
Anne-Liis and Kadri are two wonderful and hardworking store clerks who share their thoughts about the store, their favorite brands and products!

What is your favorite product from Babyluv's selection and why?


I really like products that are practical or have some additional value. For example, nursing clothes, some of which are definitely suitable for using also during pregnancy. Or Babyluv kimono baby onesie and top, which are extremely comfortable to use for newborns. Or merino silk bodysuits and pants, which are not only meant for winter, but also help to regulate baby's body temperature in hot summer. And who wouldn't like Moonie bear or bunny, which not only looks extremely cute but also helps the baby to fall asleep peacefully (I've heard that some adults have even bought Moonie for themselves).

So it's quite difficult to pick out the best of the best, but if I had to choose something, then I'm a big fan of CARÁ products designed for pregnant women and new moms, which all smell simply wonderful! Did you know that perineum massage oil can also be used as a regular massage oil and that belly balm actually works great also for moisturizing cold-damaged hands? And my special pro-tip: bring a moisturizing face mist on a long (flight) journey to invigorate yourself and your skin with the refreshing scent of spring water and lemon balm.


In Babyluv's store, I think everything is so beautiful, so it's very difficult to pick just one favorite. If I have to choose, the MOONIE cuddly bear has left the deepest impression on me from the beginning because I have never seen anything like it before. This product is simply brilliant. When I sometimes have difficulties falling asleep, sounds with different frequencies have always been a great help. That's why I imagine how much easier the Moonie's pink noise has made the lives of parents. It's totally calming and relaxing, and if I were a baby, I would want this cuddly bear for myself!

Why should everyone come to visit Babyluv flagship store?



Our store is not just a store. It's like a second home, where you are greeted by a warm and spacious atmosphere, pleasant music - and of course, me or Anne-Liis. Sometimes it's good to see things with your own eyes before making a purchase and discuss any questions, and we are happy to help with that. Take your time and come alone or with your child - everyone is welcome here! At Kompott café, we make various hot drinks and smoothies with carefully selected ingredients, and for children, we have a play area both downstairs and upstairs.


It's not just a store, it's more like a home. Every time you walk in, you're greeted with a warm and spacious environment, along with friendly smiles and genuine kindness. No day at Babyluv is complete without a delicious smoothie, great music, lovely company and a cozy atmosphere. The store's interior design and the people working there make it truly remarkable. Everyone is welcome, just as they are! And on top of that, it's the most beautiful, well-designed and practical store with the best products. In my opinion, it's better to invest in a single high-quality and durable item instead of purchasing multiple items that won't last. Babyluv's products are exactly that - items that will last for years. 

Which brand always offers the most surprises, joy and happiness and why?


I am always delighted with Konges Sløjd products with their carefully designed and cute Scandinavian prints. It is also nice to be surprised by the fabric choices that come with Wildride toddler swing carriers.


For me, Konges Sløjd always offers the most surprises and joy. It's a brand with such a large selection of adorable products from which everyone can find something they like. Whenever new items from Konges Sløjd arrive at our store, I look at them with great admiration. If I ever have a child, I'm inclined to use their products without a doubt.
I strongly believe that everything for children should be cute and adorable. Fortunately, children are already cute, but it's even more fun to emphasize this with different clothes and toys. Konges Sløjd is perfect for that!

Kadri & Anne-Liis, Babyluv Flagship Store Clerks

Kadri & Anne-Liis 

Babyluv Studio