Parenting is an exhilarating journey filled with precious moments and new experiences. However, navigating daily routines and outings with young children can sometimes be challenging. Thankfully, innovative solutions like The Jiffle wagon are here to simplify the lives of parents.

There are a wide variety of strollers on the market. We waited for a long time to find something truly innovative, which we are now pleased to bring to you.

The Jiffle wagon is a remarkable Dutch invention that combines the functionalities of a stroller, ride along board and a wagon cart into one versatile and adaptable 6in1 product. With its unique design, it provides parents with a flexible solution for transporting children and belongings during outings or daily activities.
The Jiffle Wagon's compact and portable design makes it an ideal travel companion for families. It can be easily folded, stored, and transported, allowing to explore new destinations effortlessly with the whole family.

The Jiffle wagon with carrycot

With the carrycot attachment, it becomes an excellent option for newborns and infants. The carrycot provides a cozy and secure space for babies to rest and sleep comfortably during walks or outings. Suspension directly underneath the carrycot makes the ride very smooth.

Good ventilation is super important for your baby, especially in the summer. The ventilation in carrycot is easily adjustable on both sides. Open, close or something in between, see what fits the situation best. As an extra benefit, you can easily see your child. If your partner, grandma or grandpa walks together with you, they can also look through the side of the carrycot. Everything can be adapted to your wishes.

There is also a ventilation in sun canopy. Flip the hood all the way open for extra ventilation and shielding the sun from your child’s face.

A welded frame, just like a bicycle, makes this a very strong stroller. The push bar is adjustable in height 85-110 cm. All wheels can be removed quickly.

The Jiffle wagon with carrycot
The Jiffle wagon with carrycot, adjustable ventilation

The Jiffle wagon with seat

After about 6 months, your child wants to sit and then you can use the seat attachment. 
The seat is reversible, ensuring that the child can actively participate and to look at you or to discover the world around them while remaining comfortably seated. Your child is safe inside the seat with the soft shoulder and hip straps. A rest and sleep position and an large sun hood provide extra comfort.
The removable seat liner is easy to wash or during hot days you can simply leave it out. You then immediately have a summer session.

The Jiffle wagon with seat

Large storage space

With its ample storage capacity (60L), the wagon cart is a reliable companion for grocery shopping or running errands. It’s perfect for storing all your essentials when you’re out and about with your little one or little ones. It eliminates the need for juggling bags while ensuring a comfortable ride for the child. You'll have plenty of room that's easily accessible from both the front and back of the wagon cart. The luggage space can be closed with zippers. You can leave everything in the wagon cart and effortlessly lift it straight into your car! Just like a suitcase.

The Jiffle Wagon storage space

Ride along board

In addition to your baby, do you have a toddler or preschooler who can keep its balance well standing up? Let the big brother or sister hitch a ride on the built-in ride along board. The Jiffle board is integrated in the frame. You don’t have to install or buy anything. You can easily slide the ride-along board out when you need it and just as easily slide it back in when it's not needed. The material is made of sustainable bamboo and has a firm grip, so that your child does not slip.

The Jiffle wagon ride along board

The Jiffle wagon as a cart

The Jiffle wagon is not only suitable as stroller, but also as a comfortable wagon cart. By detaching the seating attachments and folding down the handle, it becomes a versatile utility cart. Ideal for a nice trip to the zoo or theme park. Your child can easily climb in and out, or you can use it to transport things. The wagon is very strong and the bottom is made of sustainable bamboo. In addition, there is a comfortable and soft cart seat available.

The Jiffle wagon cart

The Jiffle wagon with car seat

Your car seat will fit onto the frame together with the use of our car seat adapters.
After your car seat has been clicked onto the frame, your baby will have a comfortable ride. The suspension does its job immediately. The suspension is located directly under the car seat – just as it is with the carrycot and the seat.

The Jiffle wagon with car seat

The Jiffle wagon as a duo stroller

The Jiffle Wagon offers the versatility of a duo stroller when utilizing the seat and cart combination. Not only does it provide generous space for your belongings, but it also offers a convenient seating option for your second child. With its enormous load-bearing capacity, thanks to the welded aluminum frame and lightweight bamboo boards, the Jiffle wagon can support up to 60 kg. Enhance your comfort by adding the cart seat accessory for an extra cozy seating experience.
It is even possible to have a third child hitch a ride on the multi-ride board integrated under The Jiffle wagon.
If they no longer want to sit in the seat, they can have fun with the wagon, and pulling each other along is guaranteed fun and no more arguments about who gets to go where. So The Jiffle really grows with your family, from car seat, carrycot, seat, pushchair to wagon.

The Jiffle wagon duo stroller

Enhanced features and accessories

To further augment the Jiffle wagon's functionality, a range of accessories is available. These accessories include footmuff, rain cover, insect net, car seat adapters and soft wagon cart seat providing additional comfort, protection, and versatility. Personalize your Jiffle wagon according to your specific needs and preferences.

Winner of Baby Innovation Award 2022 & 2023

The Jiffle wagon is simply the best stroller and therefore rewarded with the Baby Innovation Award 2022 and 2023 in Germany at the Kind und Jugend fair.
The reaction of the jury:
“A super handy stroller with so many functions: stroller, wagon cart and with integrated ride along board. The extra suspension under the carrycot is a big plus, as well as the ventilation options on the sides of the carrycot. You can easily keep The Jiffle clean and there is plenty of storage space.”

The Jiffle wagon cart

Customer feedback

Iris K: “This stroller is perfect on spring and summer days, the sun can be kept out at all times. In addition, sufficient oxygen reaches the child through all the gauzes that the wind can blow through”

Martine K: “The perfect stroller if you already have a toddler. Especially the built-in wheeled board is ideal. You don't kick against this while walking and you don't have to walk crooked behind the stroller.”

Iris van O: “The all-in-one stroller if you ask me. Everything has been thought of and we can easily transport our 2 children aged 1 and 3. Whether they are sitting, standing or lying in the wagon, they love it and so do we as parents. The shopping area is big and the wheeled board ideal!”

Diana R "Very comfortable stroller for children of different ages. Convenient and functional."

Experience the incredible versatility of the Jiffle, a 6-in-1 stroller that adapts and grows with you and your child. Curious to see it in action? We invite you to visit our Babyluv flagship store and try out the Jiffle for yourself.

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