When we discover that one of our loved ones is expecting a baby, our first instinct is to make gifts and surprises for the little one even before it is born. But how does a soon to be mother feel during this period? How is her physical and emotional health holding up? Is there something that could support her?

We know that the well-being of a child and a mother both depend on each other, and that is why we have chosen the best products to support and take care of mothers. We chose the 10 best products which would make a perfect gift for pregnancy and the postpartum period. Let’s cherish and nurture the mother too.

Babyluv Studio gift card

1. Babyluv Gift Card

If we should choose only one gift for a new mum, it would be a Babyluv gift card. 
Give a gift they can use to buy whatever they like from our shop. Gift card can be used several times. 
Also online gift card available. 

CARÁ Belly Mousse

2. CARÁ Belly Mousse

This rich cream with a foamy texture is designed to take care of a woman's delicate skin, especially during pregnancy and postpartum. In this natural cream, you will find carrot seed oil that helps to prevent stretch marks and orange essential oil that lifts up the mood and creates a feeling of well-being. Using foam on her belly is the perfect way for a mother to bond with her baby.

CARÁ Hydrating Face Mist

3. CARÁ Hydrating Face Mist

During birth it is also possible to support a mum-to-be by gifting her this 100% natural and refreshing melissa face mist. With a wonderful lemon balm aroma, this spray helps to relieve spasms and enhance mood. It is perfect for use during periods and hot weather too, try it out yourself!

Studio Noos teddy pouch

4. Studio Noos Teddy Pouch

There are never too many good pouches. Especially during a period that is chaotic and busy. This handmade pouch is stylish and practical, fitting all the small necessities a mother may need when going out to take care of herself and her baby.

Babyluv Studio ribbed scrunchie

5. Babyluv Studio Scrunchie

Either in movies or in real life, we have all seen a newborn's mother whose hair is tied up super messy, because thinking about your own hairstyle is the last thing you have time to think about. This scrunchie is designed not only practical but also to look good in every way. A messy bun or a ponytail will both look beautiful and will work as a minimalistic timeless piece of jewelry on the wrist as well.

Najell pregnancy and nursing pillow

6. Najell pregnancy and nursing pillow

Nothing feels more indulgent than the ultimate comfort of a Najell Pregnancy Pillow. With adjustable firmness and multiple functionalities, you are bound to find a position you can melt into every time. And with its 2 integrated nursing pillows you have flexible support both during pregnancy and once your baby is here.

Pure Shores Botanical Repair Shampoo Bar

7. Pure Shores Botanical Repair Shampoo Bar

Beautiful hair has a huge role when it comes to feeling good. From our experience, we can agree that it is super hard to find hair care products that fill their promise. Keeping that in mind we truly recommend this shampoo bar made of 100% natural ingredients. It is easy to use and leaves hair super clean, shiny and smooth. In addition, a packaging-free product does not cause stress in the form of another plastic package on the bathroom shelf.

Haan body lotion

8. Haan Body Lotion

Taking care of your skin should be simple, quick and effective. Haan body lotion nourishes skin deeply but with its unique prebiotic complex, it also restores the balance of your skin’s microbiome. In addition, the package is refillable. We can say that this truly is a stress-free way to take care of your skin.

Haruu 100% Linen Kimono

9. Haruu 100% Linen Kimono

Every woman should have at least one kimono in her closet - it's easy to wear and fits perfectly with any body type. In addition, it is also a super comfortable and timeless piece of clothing. This 100% linen kimono is suitable for year-round wear as it is both breathable and heat regulating. It doesn't matter what you're wearing underneath, a kimono makes it effortlessly stylish and is especially comfortable to wear during the postpartum period to cuddle up with a newborn.

Tajinebanane Nursing Blouse Coup De Blouse

10. Tajinebanane Nursing Blouse Coup De Blouse

This nursing blouse is something from another world - delicate, feminine and luxurious. It is a great change from the classic t-shirts and sweatshirts worn during breastfeeding. You can be sure that the beautiful, breathable fabric and convenient zippers on the sides will quickly make this blouse a breastfeeding mom's favorite item.


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