The baby wrap could be your best helper during the first months of your baby’s life - believe us if we say so, we have tried it out ourselves! It gives the wearer the freedom to continue with daily activities, while the baby is comfortable and safe. Although a baby wrap may seem to be a more difficult choice at first glance than a baby carrier already tied for you, our heart belongs to the bamboo wrap.

Did you know?

Studies show that babywearing creates a womb-like environment and reduces crying by 43%. In addition, a comfortable sitting position can help to relieve the baby’s gas pains.


Our Bamboo Baby Wrap is silky smooth against your and your baby’s skin and doesn’t make you sweat - bamboo is a very breathable and light fabric. And it is super easy to tie! With us, you will master the art of wrap tying within minutes!

To begin with, we recommend that you watch our tutorial. This 3-minute video will give you the best overview of the tying art - you will see which steps you will need to go through next.

You are now ready to try the steps at your own pace. Let’s start!

  • Start with finding the Babyluv tag and place it on your chest.
  • Next, make an x and bring the ends over the shoulders.
  • Now tuck the ends under the section on your belly and stretch all the loose fabric from sides to back and then from back to front.
  • Pull the straps down and repeat steps 4–6 at least three times to be sure that the wrap is tight enough.
  • Now make an x once again, then wrap the fabric around your midsection and make a double knot. That’s how a tied wrap looks!
  • It is time to prepare a place for your baby. For that find the strap closest to your body and put the baby on the opposite shoulder.
  • Next place the strap that is closest to you under the baby’s knee, then place the other strap under the baby’s knee too.
  • If both straps are under the baby’s knees, slide the baby into the first panel from knee to knee, and repeat with another panel.
  • Now pull the section with the Babyluv tag over the baby’s legs and body.
  • Make sure that the baby is in an M-shaped position with knees above the bum.
  • Ensure that the baby's legs are not inside the wrap and that the baby’s neck is supported by the wrap.
Babyluv Studio bamboo baby wrap
Babyluv Studio Bamboo Baby Wrap Moonstone

Now make sure the baby is ready to be carried safely before starting carrying. To do this, check carefully that 5 simple rules for carrying a baby are met:

✓ Tight – wrap should be tied tightly
✓ In view at all times – check your baby’s face by glancing down
✓ Close enough to kiss – be able to kiss your baby on the head
✓ Keep the chin off the chest – ensure baby’s airways are clear
✓ Supported back – baby’s back is supported in its natural position

      If the previous steps have been completed and the rule check has been done, you are ready to carry your baby comfortably and safely! We are happy to help if you have any questions. And if necessary, you are welcome to come to our store with your baby to try out the tying process together.

      Safety requirements:

      • Your balance may be adversely affected by your and your baby’s movement
      • Take care when bending or leaning forward or sideways
      • This carrier is not suitable for use during sporting activities
      • For low birthweight babies and babies with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product
      • Never use a wrap while cooking, holding hot drinks, etc. which involve a heat source
      • Babies can suffocate in this product if their face is pressed tightly against your body so that their breathing is restricted
      • Monitor your baby constantly while using the wrap
      • To prevent hazards from falling make sure that your baby is securely positioned in the wrap
      • Stop using the wrap if the fabric is damaged
      • Keep away from fire
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