In this blog, we answer frequently asked questions about WILDRIDE toddler carrier! Wildride is an innovative product and a must-have essential when going out on adventures with your little ones.

What is Wildride toddler carrier?

Our toddlers really want to go out on their own, run, walk, crawl, play and explore for themselves whenever they want. But every now and then they need a place to rest before they can head off to the next adventure. And where better than on your mother’s or father's arm.
Unfortunately, those arms don't always have the strength or stamina to carry on. And that's how the Wildride was conceived. A carrier especially designed for toddlers, that offers you a simple and light hip solution to carry your little one.

This clever product is developed in the Netherlands. It’s a creation of two loving parents Britt Schoorl and Joost Hultink. Their mission is to make every trip with your little one as pleasant as possible so that you can always enjoy it! Their toddler swing carrier was developed to offer your child love and affection. And at the same time offer you comfort as a parent.

How to use the Wildride carrier?

The side-worn carrier is ergonomic for both the child and the carrier. The carrier provides the necessary support when carrying a toddler on the hip, making it ideal for the next stage when the child has outgrown a baby carrier or no longer wants to be in it, as well as for use in places where strollers are inconvenient to maneuver.
The adult can put the carrier diagonally over their shoulder and easily pick up the child. The carrier can be used for more than 3 years.

What age/size is the Wildride toddler carrier designed for?

It is designed to be suitable for carrying a child between 9 months - 20 kg (approximately to 4 years old). Please note that regardless of the age and size of the child, the child must be supported from the back with a hand while using the carrier.

Wildride toddler swing carrier, denim

Where can you use Wildride toddler carrier?

You can take the wildride carrier anywhere. Simply fold the carrier for your toddler and take it with you. Use the carrier for a quick shopping trip, beach or citywalk, for a walk through the forest, for a day in a theme park or zoo, for playtime, sightseeing, holiday etc.
The wildride carrier is very useful in places where you can’t go with a buggy.

Would you like to travel lightweight during your vacation? Then take the Wildride child carrier with you in your bag or suitcase. Ideal if you are walking towards the gate or taking a walk on the beach at your vacation destination. A big advantage of the Wildride toddler hip carrier is that your little one can look around while you too can move freely. Holiday with the kids is so much easier with the Wildride carrier. The carrier folds very small so you can have it with you all day and use it whenever you need.

wildride toddler swing carrier, lilac rib

Is the toddler carrier ment for both women and men?

Yes, Wildride toddler carrier is ment for everybody. Perfect for moms, dads, uncles, aunts etc. Did you know the carrier is a dad’s favorite, mostly because it’s so easy to use?

So get out and enjoy! Carry your toddler close to you when he/she is tired. It’s the best feeling!

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Watch the video how to use the swing carrier.


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