Welcome to Selver! Starting from January 2024, you'll find Babyluv's curated selection of baby products in 64 Selver stores across Estonia. Selver's wide coverage ensures that quality baby essentials are easily and quickly accessible to everyone. So, the best selection of baby products is now closer than ever, and in your home Selver, you can simultaneously fill both your kitchen cupboard and baby supplies. Convenient, isn't it?

We have carefully selected quality products in Selver's assortment, designed to make life easier and more comfortable for both baby and mother. It's a selection you can trust and that grows with your child. Larger supermarkets offer a wide range of baby products, both for your own use and as baby shower gifts, but even smaller stores have all the essentials.

From Selver, you'll find beloved brands such as BIBS, Moonie, Filibabba, BEABA, Bebe Bonchic, Wildride, Momkind, and That's Mine. These are products that Babyluv's customers love, and in addition, we have also selected new products that every family with a baby needs.

BIBS pacifiers

BIBS - The iconic pacifiers of this Danish brand have been loved by babies for over 40 years. Selver's assortment includes pacifiers with different sizes and nipple shapes, glow-in-the-dark night pacifiers, pacifier bottles, pacifier clips, cases, feeding products, and much more. In larger Selver stores, you'll also find helpful material on the pacifier shelf explaining the differences between pacifiers and helping you choose the right one. The leaflet also includes our phone number, so you can ask for advice from our storekeepers if you're behind the Selver counter and don't know which pacifier or product to choose.

Moonie - The beloved Moonie cuddly bears and rabbits are sleeping aids for babies, which, with their pink noise sounds, cry sensor, and night light, help babies calm down and fall asleep faster. Moonie is also perfect as a baby shower gift. Now, Selver is a great place to quickly grab a gift. You can be sure that Moonie is a welcome gift and will be used for a long time.

Moonie organic bear

Bebe Bonchic - Babyluv's new sub-brand is dedicated to offering practical, safe, and quality baby accessories that make everyday care for your little one easier. The selection includes fruit pacifiers, finger toothbrushes, nail care sets, and disposable changing pads.

Filibabba - Introducing food to babies and toddlers is a new and exciting world, so we have chosen everything essential for mealtime to be as pleasant and worry-free as possible. In addition, Filibabba offers cute rattles and teething rings.

BEABA - A wonderful brand that combines the latest technology with modern design. Selver's selection includes many essential products for babies and toddlers, from bottle brushes made of glass to baby baths.

Momkind - To provide support to women as well, we have added products for new mothers to the baby accessories range, which are essential but not yet widely available. From Selver, you can find, for example, laundry detergent, postpartum underwear, nursing pads, and many other products to support mothers during the postpartum period.

Momkind products

That’s Mine - In larger Selver stores, you'll also find That’s Mine products that motivate children to play longer. For example, there's a selection of high-quality, beautifully designed play mats to make tummy time especially comfortable. In addition, there's a baby mirror and a play tunnel that make playtime even more fun.

Wildride - A baby carrier for toddlers, which is a simple and quick solution for carrying a toddler on the hip. An ideal tool when planning to go on a trip, to the store, city, park, or elsewhere, where the toddler wants to be in your arms and then on the ground again. The baby carrier is designed for use from 9 months to 20 kg.

Wildride toddler swing carrier

Whether you're still expecting your baby or are already a proud parent, you can now find all the necessary products from Selver to take care of your little one in the best possible way. The next time you go to Selver's grocery store, go explore the range of baby accessories and see what exciting options you'll find for your family! If you're used to shopping at e-Selver, you'll also find the baby accessories category there. 

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