The baby's sleep time is one of the biggest concerns for parents. Although it is easier to keep an eye on the baby during short daytime naps we can also ensure a safe sleeping environment for the baby when the whole family is sleeping soundly.

Safe sleep

One way to ensure safe sleep for your baby is to put him in a sleeping bag specially designed for babies. A baby sleeping bag is a safer choice than a classic blanket that can be pulled over the baby's head, pushed down, or moved in other dangerous ways. The same goes for the cushions and other decorations. They are not necessary and can be even dangerous for the child. On the other hand, the sleeping bag remains safely in one position until the end of the sleep time - the child cannot climb out of the sleeping bag on his own, swing his legs or pull the bag on himself. In fact, a safe crib with the right mattress and comfortable sleep-time clothes, or a sleeping bag are enough for the baby to pass the sleeping time safe and sound.

Babyluv Studio baby clothes, wrap onesie
Baby sleeping in his cradle

Ideal fabrics for optimal baby sleep

It is also important to monitor air and body temperature. A sleeping bag made of natural breathable material helps the baby to regulate his body temperature. When a baby is cold, he usually lets you know by waking up and making noises. However, a bigger and more dangerous problem is overheating of the baby, which is also believed to be one of the causes of crib death (SIDS). In deep sleep, a baby may not realize that he is overheating and needs help. This is where a sleeping bag with the right warmth level comes to the rescue. When the baby feels evenly warm and protected throughout the night, he sleeps better and wakes up less often. This, in turn, gives his parents the opportunity for a longer night's sleep as well.

How to choose a sleeping bag with the right size, material, and warmth level for your baby? Let's start with the fact that a baby does not need a thick sleeping bag when sleeping in a warm room. It is safest to choose a natural material like merino wool or bamboo because we can be sure of their ability to regulate body temperature - they cool you when it's hot, and give you warmth when it's cold.

Did you know?

Studies show that babies in merino wool set sleep better and cry less than babies in cotton sleepwear. The difference in the results of the Sydney University study was as much as 37%. Merino wool's heat-regulating properties are maintained even when the fabric is damp and wet. While cotton absorbs moisture, leaving the skin feeling wet, merino wool wicks moisture away from the body into the outer layers of the fabric. This is especially important in case of a diaper leak because it helps the baby feel dry and warm and the sleep won't be disturbed. Both bamboo and merino are also wonderfully soft, breathable, skin-friendly, and have antibacterial properties. Bamboo is also extremely durable and absorbs moisture 3 times better than cotton.

Bamboo sleeping gown for baby
Babyluv Studio Bamboo Kimono Sleeping Gown

Innovative Functionalities

We love sleeping bags that can be adjusted according to the child’s height and needs. This way, using only one or two high-quality sleeping bags throughout the baby years is enough to ensure the most optimal size for your baby. We have designed two sleeping bags that meet all the requirements - Babyluv Studio Merino Sleeping Gown and Babyluv Studio Bamboo Kimono Sleeping Gown. Since these sleeping gowns can be tied from the bottom they also make changing diapers an easy and comfortable activity for both parent and child. Mitten hands keep baby's hands warm and keep baby from scratching his face.

Babyluv Studio merino wool sleeping gown for baby
Babyluv Studio Merino Sleeping Gown

However, for colder seasons and cooler air temperatures, you can also choose thicker sleeping bags, which can be used over sleeping clothes for extra warmth. A good option is the That's Mine Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag which keeps the baby’s legs secured and the body warm, while the little one's hands can move freely. This sleeping bag requires breathable sleepwear as the first layer and an air temperature suitable for the sleeping bag, otherwise, the baby will get hot.

That's Mine sleeping bag, sleeping gown for babyThat's Mine Sleeping Bag

In the end, it is up to the parent to decide what the baby sleeps with, but for the safety of the baby’s skin and body temperature, we recommend choosing a merino wool or bamboo sleeping bag. A sleeping bag gives the whole family more peace of mind during sleep and adds peaceful sleep hours to both the baby and the parents. Give it a try and let us know, we'd love to hear about your experience with the baby sleeping bag!

More for sleep time

In addition to sleeping gowns, we have a large selection of different sleep time products that help a baby or toddler fall asleep better and make sleep more pleasant and safer.

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