In order to make the use of the baby bottle a safe and pleasant experience for both you and your little one, we will share a cleaning guide for the BIBS glass baby bottle with you.

Your baby bottle must be cleaned and sanitized before your baby uses it. Part of good baby bottle hygiene is carefully cleaning the bottle before each use. The younger the baby, the more important it is to protect it from bacteria and to maintain good hygiene. 


Before first use

Disassemble and clean the product by placing all components in boiling water for 5 min to ensure hygiene.

Henceforth, clean the baby bottle and the nipple separately before each use.

Cleaning the nipple

To clean and sterilize the natural latex nipple pour boiling water on the nipple and let it soak for 5 min. Then let it dry on a clean towel.

Don’t forget to renew the nipple after using it for 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons.

Always inspect the nipple before each use and replace the nipple at the first sign of damage or weakness. 

Warning: DO NOT use microwave sterilizing or cleaning products or even dishwasher as it will break down the natural rubber latex. Do not leave the nipple in direct sun.

BIBS baby glass gottle, BIBS klaasist lutipudel

Cleaning the bottle

The milk lock, screw cap, ring and glass bottle can all be cleaned and sterilized by washing with hot water and soap or washing in the dishwasher. At the end always pour them with boiling water, to make sure all soap residue is gone. Let all the parts dry completely before re-assembly. 

Warning: Do not heat any plastic parts or the nipple in a microwave oven. The glass bottle can withstand microwave heating, but we recommend that you washed it in the above-mentioned ways to ensure it is absolutely clean.

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BIBS baby glass bottle, BIBS klaasist lutipudel
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