How to surprise your little explorer and adventurer? We have so many ideas! Preschool age is an exciting age because during this time the child really tests himself and is able to learn something new every day. Games are also becoming more complex and fantasy is flying higher than ever before. Therefore, it is especially important that the space and the child's belongings support such rocket-speed development from a toddler to a schoolchild as much as possible.

We put together a list of 10 products that you can't go wrong with. These are gifts that allow a child to explore their limits, play and tell endless stories!

babyluv studio magic roll

1. Babyluv Studio Magic Roll

Loved by hundreds of families, the magic scroll is the perfect canvas for the little artist! Now the little one can magically draw and write with water without leaving a mess behind. Such a fun and creative way to spend time!

Studio Noos personalized backpacks for kids, toddlers

2. Studio Noos Personalized Backpack

An awesome personalized backpack for a little adventurer! The wonderfully soft fabric backpack is ideal as a child's first backpack, fitting all the important things for the child.

Suur supervõimete raamat

3. Book "Suur supervõimete raamat"

We all have qualities and skills that make us special. Some can cook well, another loves dancing above all else, a third has an eye for what is happening in nature, a fourth enjoys doing mathematics. 
The joint book of a psychologist, mother, and a renowned artist gives food for thought: what is it that makes you unique?

Egmont Toys mushroom lamp

4. Mushroom lamp

With the night light, a whole dream world opens up! The nightlight gives a very soft and veiled light and will help the little ones to fall asleep without fuss. Lighted or not, the mushroom lamp is always a nice decorative object.

Maileg mice

5. Maileg Mice and accessories

The timeless world of Maileg mice is filled with beautiful accessories and decorations that will bring joy and wonderful stories to the whole family and friends for many years!

Grapat wooden toys

6. Grapat wooden toys

Grapat has created a range of beautiful toys that allow play to blossom. Grapat toys and figures give the freedom to play, experiment and discover.

Konges Sløjd doll pram

7. Konges Sløjd Doll Pram

This gorgeous vintage-style doll's carriage is a miniature version of the carriage in which the child may have once spent his own baby years. A very welcome gift for a child who loves to take care of his or her dolls.

Crayon Rocks Soy Wax Crayons

8. Crayon Rocks Soy Wax Crayons

Ergonomically shaped, brightly colored chalks give children the opportunity to create truly gorgeous works of art with beautiful textures. It is both useful for development and an exciting gift for the child!

Glo Pals sensory water cubes

9. Glo Pals Sensory Water Play Light-up Cubes

These unique liquid-activated cubes will transport the child to a new dimension of creative play—a toy that adds excitement to bath time while serving as an ideal addition to sensory games that stimulate visual stimuli.

BABAI wooden swing

10. BABAI wooden swing

Swinging is one of the most memorable activities from childhood! Babai's natural wood swing is not only beautiful and stylish, but it is also easy to set up and take anywhere - it even fits in a backpack!


You can find a larger selection of gifts suitable for 3- to 7-year-olds in the gifts category. If you need help choosing a gift or have a story to share with us feel free to write to us! Also, know that you are always welcome to visit our studio store in Tallinn!

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