Toddlers are the easiest to surprise - everything is new and genuinely interesting for them. However, if you are looking for a gift that will interest them for a longer period of time and at the same time help them develop important skills, the choice becomes a little more difficult. We are here to help you! At Babyluv, we have consciously chosen products that, in addition to providing joy, also support children’s development. Let's go through some of them together!

Konges Sløjd walker

1. Konges Sløjd Walker

A great helper for a little one who is just learning to walk and a great playmate for a child who is already running around independently. In addition, this stylish walker is also very practical - ideal for storing toys!

BIBS wobbly tower, baby toys

2. BIBS Wobbly Tower

The stacking tower is a truly multi-functional playmate with endless uses in both sand and water – the limits are only set by imagination and as we know, children have a lot of it!

Konges Sløjd Doll Stroller, doll pram, nukukäru

3. Konges Sløjd Stroller

A doll carriage that is so beautiful and stylish that you will want to use it too! The timeless design offers joy for role-playing games for both girls and boys.

Book "Anni ja Sassuga unemaale"

4. Book "Anni ja Sassuga unemaale"

It's time to travel to the Land of Dreams! A book about true friendship will quickly become a child's favorite book to discover again and again with mom and dad before falling asleep. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice – all books in our selection are in Estonian.

Konges Sloejd activity cube

5. Konges Sløjd Wooden Activity Cube

An amazing wooden activity cube made in plywood and metal. It engages child's senses and motor skills, fostering cognitive development through interactive play with diverse textures, shapes, and challenges.

Olli Ella Dozy Dinkum dolls

6. Olli Ella Dozy Dinkum Doll

These cute dolls are the perfect size to cuddle and to play with. Olli Ella Dozy Dinkum doll has a cute embroidered face, a nice hair and a one-piece body. The doll is comfortable to cuddle with because its body and body parts are flexible in every way.

Grapat wooden toys, open-ended play

7. Grapat wooden toys

Grapat has created a range of beautiful toys that allow play to blossom. Grapat wooden toys and figures give the freedom to play, experiment and discover.

Wobbel balance board

8. Wobbel Original  Balance Board

The Wobbel Original is a minimalist balance board with a modern design that every child wants. It develops balance and creativity, promotes free play and most importantly – provides excitement for years!

Baghera Rider Snow White

9. Baghera Ride-on

The very own vintage car for your little friend! In addition to looking absolutely stunning, it also develops the child's motor skills and balance – the child quickly learns how to move forward and maneuver with this rider.

That's Mine Activity Tunnel

10. That's Mine Activity Tunnel

Super fun toy for kids and a beautiful decoration for kids' rooms at the same time! Playing alone or with friends - shouts of joy are always guaranteed!


You can find a larger selection of gifts suitable for toddlers in the gifts category. If you need help choosing a gift or have a story to share with us feel free to write to us! Also, know that you are always welcome to visit our studio store in Tallinn!

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