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Thinking of soft and moisturized hands, we have added HAAN – a hand disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria but does not dry out or irritate the hands, into our selection.

Cleaning and disinfecting hands is most important during the virus season. With many other disinfectants, the skin can be damaged and good bacteria “cleaned” from the hands. However, HAAN is gentle on the skin, has a wonderful scent and is extremely effective! HAAN is 99.5% of natural origin and contains aloe, which makes your hands silky soft.

  • Irreplaceable when traveling
  • Allowed on the plane
  • Recyclable and refillable packaging
  • 100+ cleanings
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs
  • Vegan
  • Absorbs fast and does not feel sticky
  • Is good for the world! 20% of HAAN’s profit goes to funding water crisis projects

All Haan products are refillable. Don't forget to buy the Haan Pocket Refill package so you can keep nature and not have to buy a new pack every time. Refill packaging is an ideal way to extend product life and reuse packaging.


  • HAAN Wood Night – Dark cedarwood entangled with pine tree and a wet earthy base.
  • HAAN Sunset Fleur – Feminine breeze with a floral bouquet base.
  • HAAN Citrus Noon – Effervescent, shiny and fresh with a citrusy orange base and a tonic bubble effect.
  • HAAN Morning Glory – Delicate, subtle and floral notes wrapped around a fresh green tea note with a grapefruit base.
  • HAAN Dew of Dawn – Hints of green freshness come from green roots, a fresh-cut grass note base and a light touch of galbanum.
  • HAAN Gentle Paloma - Inspired by the wonderful colours of the Paloma cocktail which is full of notes of cherry blossoms, freesia and sandalwood.
  • HAAN Mojito Splash - A super-fresh combo of lime and mint.
  • HAAN Margarita Spirit - Full of fresh citrus fruits just like a classic Margarita cocktail.
  • HAAN Manhattan Glace - Mmm.. red fresh berries and rhubarb!
  • HAAN Spicy GingerAle - Venturesome combination of cardamon, musk, cedar and rhubarb.

Volume: 30 ml

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