Such a timeless question – what to choose for the smallest ones in the family? Since babies do not yet have their own wishes and dreams, it would be safest to ask the baby's parents what the baby might need. In case the parents don't have a good idea right away or you want to surprise them, we have put together a list of products that every baby and parent will surely be happy about – they make life more comfortable and pleasant and give beautiful moments to remember to the whole family!

P.S. If you are the mother or father, you will definitely get valuable ideas for presents for your little one to share with those who ask!

Moonie humming bear with a nightlamp

1. Moonie Humming Bear With a Night Lamp

Both babies and parents love Moonie. It's not just the first cuddly toy, but a sleep aid – soft pink noise calms a tired baby. The coolest thing about Moonie is that it is used not only by children but also by their parents – it really works!
You'll find both bears and bunnies!

BIBS try-it pacifiers 3-pack

2. BIBS Try-It Collection

Choosing from many pacifiers can be difficult. The Try-It Collection has put together 3 different BIBS pacifiers – your little one will surely find one he likes. Now the worry of choosing the right pacifier has been resolved!

Babyluv Studio merino wool outdoor overall for baby

3. Babyluv Studio Merino Wool Outdoor Overall

In our Nordic climate and colder seasons, it is especially important that the baby is always safely warm. It's hard to find a gift that shows your little one more how much you care than this warm merino wool overall for the cold winter season.

That's Mine Seashell Baby Mirror Toy

4. That's Mine Seashell Baby Mirror Toy

From the moment this seashell-shaped soft mirror toy entered our selection, it has been an absolute favorite among mothers! It is designed for training the baby's neck and vision, but it works so wonderfully as an interior design element.

Babyluv Studio merino wool sleeping gown

5. Babyluv Studio Merino Sleeping Gown

Merino clothes are the best choice for babies during sleep. Studies have shown that babies sleep better and more peacefully in merino wool clothes – this in turn also gives parents longer hours of sleep. Our absolute favorite!

Bibs x Liberty blanket

6. BIBS X Liberty Quilted Blanket

Multi-functional blanket that can be used for cuddle time and, due to its size, can also be used as a playmat for tummy time and out in the garden or park. one. Amazing product where Danish design meets British print heritage. 

book beebi päev, raamat beebile beebi päev

7. Book ‘’Beebi päev’’

This is the only book a baby needs during the first year. Contrasting black and white images help stimulate a baby's visual sense and brain, while the pull-out pages develop motor skills and teach him to make connections. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice – all books in our selection are in Estonian.

Filibabba Cooling Teethers

8. Filibabba Cooling Teethers

The cooling effect is simply irreplaceable for a baby's sensitive gums! Trust us when we say that both parents and neighbors of a teething baby will thank you for this gift!

Charlie Crane NAHO Activity Arch

9. Charlie Crane NAHO Activity Arch

Does the baby already have an activity arch? It is the most perfect tool to stimulate and entertain the baby's senses in the very first months. NAHO's wooden arch is also stylish and truly timeless!

Main Sauvage Alpaca Wool Teething Ring

10. Main Sauvage Alpaca Wool Teething Ring

This alpaca wool teething ring is designed to soothe your baby's itchy gums and stimulate his hearing with a sweet bell sound. A timeless gift and a wonderful memory of babyhood.


You can find a larger selection of gifts suitable for babies and newborns in the gifts category. If you need help choosing a gift or have a story to share with us feel free to write to us! Also, know that you are always welcome to visit our studio store in Tallinn!

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