When we first started with the Babyluv Studio brand, we aimed to offer high-quality, sustainable, and beautiful necessities for babies and their parents. Ones that would make life with a small child more effortless and more enjoyable. When we reached the point where our well-thought-out product range covered the needs of babies and toddlers, we realized that it was time to pay more attention to the well-being of parents. From that moment we got the idea from which today a collection of comfortable nursing and home clothes has been born. Yes, we are talking about the Mom Collection, a home-wear clothing collection specially designed for new mothers.

Comfortable, practical, beautiful, feminine

When designing the Mom Collection, we were guided by two conditions, on which we were not willing to compromise out of respect for mothers – clothes must be really COMFORTABLE and PRACTICAL for a mother with a small child, but also BEAUTIFUL and FEMININE. The end result turned out exactly like this. If the soft and durable cotton muslin fabric represents the mother's gentle and caring, but at the same time strong and firm nature, the beautiful cuts and colors bring out femininity and beauty in every woman. 

Babyluv Studio mom collection, muslin top and pants

Muslin magic

It's no secret that we love muslin. We used muslin fabric for our first products, baby blankets and cloths, and even years later this material has proven itself in many great ways. Let's start with the fact that frequent washing does not reduce the properties of muslin fabric, on the contrary – the muslin really does get softer with each wash and retains its fluffiness. It is the perfect material for your favorite clothes because you can be sure that they will tirelessly stay with you for years! In addition, muslin has excellent body temperature-regulating properties. Taking care of a child is certainly not easy and rather an active job, so it is especially important that the clothes support active movement in addition to pleasant rest. Thanks to good moisture absorption, muslin clothes do not make the skin sweat and at the same time prevent the body from overheating, for example in summer. We've tried it ourselves and we can confirm – muslin is the perfect choice to keep you fresh all day!

Babyluv Studio mom collection, muslin robe for women

Shades and cuts

But how to make a piece of clothing suitable for all mothers? The most exciting stage began for us – we had to choose the best shades for the muslin fabric and create universal, perfectly finished cuts. We based our choice of colors on delicate pastel shades, which have become our signature colors. They are suitable for any situation and never go out of fashion. That's how white, light beige, and gentle pastel purple were chosen as the colors of the collection. 

Muslin robe for mom, Babyluv Studio mom collection

Did you know?

We design and manufacture all Babyluv Studio clothes in Estonia, because in addition to supporting domestic production, it gives us the opportunity to see the entire sewing process very closely.

Must-have products in Mom Collection

We love to go to the atelier to see the samples and make sure that all our collections will be finished to perfection. For the Mom Collection, we designed four matching must-have products: white muslin pants and a wrap blouse, a light beige robe, and a pastel lilac dress.

The Muslin Top Milk and Mom Dress Bloom both have a beautiful cut suitable for nursing which will make any mother feel effortlessly feminine. These stylish pieces are perfect for wearing outside the home as well! Muslin Pants Milk are designed to be light and breathable so that women can feel really comfortable in any situation, including postpartum recovery and menstruation. And last but not least, the Muslin Robe Moon. It is the icing on the cake in our opinion, because it goes so well with all the other clothes in the collection, but it’s also perfect on its own.

Babyluv Studio muslin mom dress, baby essentials, baby clothes

Although the Mom Collection was created with the daily needs of a new mother in mind, it gives great joy and comfort to all women, mother or not. We are happy to be able to offer you something as valuable as comfort and a better sense of well-being. If you are looking for something truly special for yourself, your girlfriend, or your wife, then the Mom Collection is the one to look for.

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