Book "AB mudilastele"


A large number of today's grandparents have learned to read from a blue cross-format alphabet with small children on the cover and prominently large letters A and B. It was Vilma Parbo's "AB for toddlers" with Lilian Härma's charmingly modern, recognizably 1960s-atmospheric pictures.
More than half a century has passed since the first edition of Aabitsa, but as a book for learning to read it is far from outdated, on the contrary, it is a book that really teaches a child to read. First, capital letters are introduced, they learn to roll in letter pairs-threes, gradually the words get longer and step by step they reach sentences and smaller blocks of text. Rhythm and rhyme have been used, which in the intervening decades have been left behind in the methodology, but which every small child really likes and supports him in learning to read. They also deal with numbers 1-10 and learn to count within 10.

The book is intended for children aged 4-6

• to familiarize yourself with the star image;

• to develop storytelling skills;

• to distinguish sounds in speech and pronounce them correctly;

• to learn to read;

• to familiarize yourself with numbers and numbers from 1 to 10;

• to practice reading.

"AB for toddlers" was first published by Valgus publishing house in 1968. The new edition of the book will be published on the occasion of Koolibri publishing house's 30th birthday.

Illustrated by Lilian Härm.

Book is in Estonian

Author: Vilma Barbo

Publishing company: Koolibri

Pages: 152

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About Koolibri

Koolibri is an Estonian publishing house that publishes school textbooks, dictionaries, children’s books, reference books, science fiction and fiction. Through the game, children have the best time to learn. Books that are specially made for the little ones offer a lot of fun and can also develop their speech. Books can also help to stimulate the baby’s sense of sight and brain.

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