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Elhee Baby Bottle Teat 2-pack

€5,60 €8,00

The Elhée physiological and anti-colic teat, made of extra-soft silicone, has been developed to offer sensations similar to those of breastfeeding. It adapts ideally to the shape of the baby’s palate and contributes to his good oral development. Its anti-colic system reduces the absorption of air and facilitates digestion for toddlers.

Find the available teats below:

 Slow flow rate, set of 2 physiological teats (+0 months) slow flow (S). Ideal for breastfed, premature or mixed feeding babies, in particular to avoid the risk of confusion between breast and teat.
 Medium flow rate, set of 2 physiological teats (0-24 months) Medium flow (M). Ideal for infant milk or water.
 Fast flow rate, set of 2 physiological teats (0-24 months) fast flow (L). Ideal for thickened milks, cereals or greedy babies.

Package includes two teats.

Both 150 ml and 240ml baby bottles are equipped with a universal size teat with medium milk flow rate.

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About Elhee

The French brand Elhee produces innovative baby bottles that resemble the mother’s natural curves in terms of their round shape and flexibility. To ensure the complete safety of small consumers, Elhee developed a unique revolutionary sealing system that ensures the milk and its nutrients never come into direct contact with any material other than the silicone bottle and the bottle tip. Elhee products are characterized by uniqueness, innovative design, and utility.

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