Glo Pals Sensory Water Play Light-up Cubes - ALEX


Meet Alex!
He loves sunshine and being with friends. When Alex gets placed in water, he’ll "glo" white/yellow and instantly come to life!

A set of 4 Glo Pals cubes will take your child to a new world of underwater sensory fun.

Explore the sensory world of underwater colors with your Glo Pals buddies! These unique liquid-activated cubes will take your child to a new dimension of creative play. A toy that will diversify your child's bath! It will also be an ideal addition to sensory games that stimulate visual stimuli!

How can I use Glo Pals?
Bath toy - discover the fun of catching colorful cubes, look for them under the foam, see how magical the water will look, we will reduce the light intensity in the room.

Color therapy - colors have a positive effect on the child's mood. Blue calms, relaxes, relaxes and facilitates concentration. Yellow creates the impression of friendly, warm, and increases the sense of security. Violet soothes, prevents insomnia, relaxes. Green relieves stress, calms down, has a stabilizing effect. Introducing the right colors will help your child in the evening ritual of calming down, and during the day it will support creativity.

A creative sensory toy - the cubes activate in contact with water, so they can be used for games developing motor skills, sensory and creativity. Baby can fish for cubes with sticks, and tongs, can build DIY bottles full of balls, glitter, sequins and more.

Lanterns, flashlights - create a bottle or jar full of colorful elements - add water - spin and see how the interior of your child's base or room will change after turning off the light. Move the bottle, and watch the lights.

Pool toy - colorful, smiling cubes are a great companion for learning to dive, but also a companion of pleasant fun in the pool in the garden or on the terrace. They will help keep your child in the shade on hot days for longer.

How do Glo Pals work?
One cube lights up to 16h, i.e. up to about 30 evening baths. The cube glows only when in contact with water. When the cube is removed from the water, it turns off. Each cube has a non-replaceable button cell battery.

How to care for Glo Pals cubes?
In the interests of the longest possible life of the built-in battery, after use, the cube should be rinsed under running water and cleaned of any residues of soap / bath liquid. Then dry with a towel or paper and store in a dry place. The Glo Pals toy meets the highest safety standards, which is why the battery is integrated and cannot be replaced.

3 years old +

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About Glo Pals

Glo Pals is an American brand of products for sensory stimulation while playing in or under water. The inspiration to create Glo Pals products was the story of an autistic boy who was afraid of taking a bath. Glo Pals' glowing products helped him overcome his fear of water. The mission of the brand is to support children in their sensory development and the joy of children while bathing!

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