As the weather turns colder, every parent is concerned about protecting their precious little one from the harsh weather conditions. So, how should you dress your baby for the fall-winter season?

The solution lies in smart layering, taking into account the composition and properties of the clothing. This way, you can use the same items throughout the year, combining them according to the temperature and situation.

Thinking about the fall and winter (and of course, the tricky spring), one cannot overlook the wonders of merino wool. We have put together a separate blog post about the characteristics and advantages of merino wool.

Since babies can't yet regulate their body temperature in the first few months, the temperature-regulating properties of merino wool are especially useful. Overheating can be dangerous for babies, so avoid over-dressing them. If your baby's neck is sweaty, it means they are too warm. The rule of thumb is to dress your baby with just one layer more than adults.

When choosing outfits, consider different scenarios: whether your baby is riding in a car seat, enjoying being in a baby carrier/sling, or taking a nap during a long walk in a stroller. Here again, the basics of layering come into play. 

merino wool blanket
Babyluv Studio merino wool baby blanket & merino wool outdoor overall

Baby in a Car Seat in a Car

Safety is paramount when using a car seat. Therefore, the clothing worn in the car seat should not be too thick, as the safety straps may not stay securely in place. Our merino wool outdoor overall  is thick enough to keep your baby warm yet thin enough for the car seat straps to fasten securely around the baby's body.

Merino-silk bodysuit and pants are perfect as a base layer. Merino-silk is a blend of merino wool (70%) and silk (30%), combining the excellent properties of merino wool with the smoothness and softness of silk. Because of its temperature-regulating qualities, merino-silk baby clothes are suitable for year-round use, even in summer. Merino-silk is particularly gentle against a baby's delicate skin.

Merino-silk body and pants
Babyluv Studio merino-silk body and pants 

For the first layer in cold weather, opt for merino-silk or merino wool clothing, as placing cotton garments beneath a merino wool jumpsuit can hinder merino wool's ability to regulate body temperature and wick moisture away from the skin. For example, you can combine a merino-silk bodysuit with merino wool tights.

A merino-silk base layer is also great for your baby's head, with a merino-silk bonnet fitting comfortably under the hood of a merino wool overall. This ensures that the hood doesn't press uncomfortably against your baby's back in the car seat.

The merino wool outdoor jumpsuit has fold-over cuffs for the hands, which is sufficient for car travel. Finish the outfit with merino wool socks (new brand mpDenmark) and merino wool booties.

babyluyv studio merino-silk base layer and outdoor overall
Babyluv Studio merino-silk base layer & merino wool outdoor overall

Baby in a Baby Carrier or Sling

When carrying your baby in a baby carrier or sling, all the clothing options mentioned earlier apply. However, keep in mind that your baby's hands, feet, and head are more exposed to the weather, so use merino wool gloves (and/or thicker gloves) as well.
Add thicker, weather-resistant booties on top of merino wool socks for extra warmth.
Place an extra merino wool hat or beanie over the base layer hat, with a double rim to protect your baby's ears from the wind and cold. Pull on the hood.

You can also add a second layer of merino wool on top of the merino-silk outfit. For instance, put on a merino wool baby vest over the merino-silk body and pants.

Additionally, there's a genius product for babywearing called baby carrying jacket, which can be used with a baby carrier or sling. The Najell cozy teddy material baby carrying jacket includes a neck warmer, so you both are ready to brave the cold.

Hvid merino wool baby vest
Hvid merino wool vest
Najell baby carrying jacket
Najell baby carrying jacket

Baby in a Stroller

Stroller walks are often longer and can happen in any weather, including freezing temperatures. So, be prepared for extended outdoor time. Again, the clothing layers we've discussed earlier are suitable and you can adjust them according to the weather conditions.

In the stroller, you can use a merino wool blanket or a footmuff (available in various thicknesses for both spring-fall and winter use) as an extra layer. Keep in mind that the stroller itself acts as an additional layer of protection against wind and cold.

On longer walks, diaper leaks can occur. If the first layer is merino wool, it will wick moisture away from the fabric's surface, preventing a wet and cold sensation on your baby's skin (unlike cotton, which becomes damp and cold when wet). This is another advantage of merino wool (and merino-silk), making it a worthwhile investment for keeping your baby cozy during cold seasons. 

We are proud that our merino wool clothes are designed and sewn right here in Estonia. This way, we support our own community.

baby in merino wool
Babyluv Studio merino wool outdoor overall, Hvid beanie, Konges Sløjd booties

We hope this general guide for dressing your baby in the fall-winter season makes your life easier. However, every child is different. Some babies may need more or fewer layers to stay comfortable, depending on their size, age, and activity level. Parents should always monitor their baby's comfort and adjust clothing accordingly. So, experiment and find the most suitable options for your baby.

Babies grow quickly, so take your time and enjoy those pleasant walks through autumn leaves and winter snow with your little one.

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